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About Us


Welcome to Sun Shield Solar Screens! The business was started after realizing that solar screens were not available in the Bossier City, Louisiana area in 2009. We had them on our previous homes; thought they were incredible and needed to be shared with others! Since opening we've been able to serve over 10,000 homes in Louisiana and look forward to helping you out too.

What are Solar screens? First they are not solar panels, a common misconception. They are screens that covers the entire window. So many homes have windows that face the sun and have to keep their blinds closed or even worse, put up ugly barriers like aluminum foil or cardboard boxes. Once the screens are up, you can leave your blinds open, see outside and save money. Solar screens pay for themselves by reducing your electric bill and potentially saving wear an tear on your A/C unit. Furthermore, up to 90% of the sun's radiant heat and UV rays are blocked before they hit the window. While the life of your A/C unit is potentially extended because it’s not constantly running anymore. Eliminate those “hot rooms” immediately. Not to mention, they reduce glare, provide daytime privacy and look great on your home or business. Solar screens are custom built and have vast number options to help find the perfect look for your home or business. You get to choose the screen color, frame color and grid pattern.


This is the best and least expensive way to keep the heat out of your house and save money. Get in touch today for your free estimate!

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